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The North Face Logo

I am a huge fan of emblems and north face logo types that have hidden meanings or inspirations in them. One such instance is The North Face brand. This is a well-known North American emblem that was founded in 1966 within the San Francisco. Douglas Thompkins and his then-wife, Susie created the business that centered mostly on outside merchandise. The company become purchased through Ken “Hap’ Klopp years later.


Photo: Suki Hill

Specifically designed for energetic life, the authentic target demographic changed into mountaineers, climbers, skiers, snowboarders and all forms of athletes. Although that also debts for the general public of their business, the durable and modern styling of their merchandise has additionally attracted many others who could fall outdoor of the energetic-way of life category.

The North Face manufactures outerwear, footwear, tents, backpacks and snoozing luggage. The addition of tenting equipment did not arise until the Eighties and has validated to be a smart extension of the number one product line. You may even personal one among their insulated jackets – a product that The North Face has emerge as best regarded for.

What I locate even more captivating approximately The North Face – other than the reality that I am an lively sportsman – is the story at the back of their simple, yet dynamic brand.

Typically that is the case while someone is making an attempt to increase a logo. The fashionable concept is to apply an concept, concept or inspiration that comes from wherever it comes from. Names, locations, events and personal studies all end up first-rate resources of that suggestion. Sometimes a notable branding idea outcomes from an unintentional circumstance. All they actually need to have in the beginning is something approximately them that could turn out to be marketable.

This is one of the motives why I surely admire the branding in the back of The North Face brand. It all fits together and makes feel for a employer that makes clothing and add-ons for outdoor fanatic.

The North Face call additionally has an interesting tale at the back of it. The call is in fact a connection with the north face of any mountain in the northern hemisphere. Outdoorsy types, climbers especially, will know that the coldest, the iciest and maximum tough course of a mountain to climb is generally the north face of it. So, with this in thoughts, the product call pointers at sturdiness, perseverance, challenges and more.

The logo itself also offers a nod to the outside. The region-circle containing two lines interior of it is symbolic. It is surely paying homage to the well-known granite “Half Dome” in Yosemite National Park inside the United States.

The emblem became designed in 1971 through California photo clothier David Alcorn.


Even the colour choice for The North Face logo has that means. The crimson is symbolic of ardour, courage and combines with the black, which denotes supremacy, elegance and dominance, to create an iconic logo. The North Face logo is so iconic that it takes place to preserve an uncommon distinction. It is one of the maximum copied (counterfeited) brands within the entire world.

So what precisely makes this one of these robust brand?

Well, first off, it is simple. I have said in many instances over that every now and then the maximum effective logos or branding are those who aren’t complicated. A emblem that has an clean to understand design and simple, memorable word marks are the ones that stand out and have a long shelf lifestyles.

When you have a look at the font preference, it turns into clear that the intention of the fashion designer changed into to depart an effect, come up with some thing bold to burn the phrases “The North Face” into your mind. The font used is Helvetica Bold. It is a usually used typeface simply because it is not fancy nor is it weak in visible look. Helvetica Bold hits you inside the face and loudly.


Another way wherein The North Face has continued to solidify its dating with sports activities and athletes is by means of the activities it sponsors. In reality, the organisation is famous for the support it has given to expert athletes in skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering and running. This sort of sponsorship interest maintains The North Face related to the sporting network this is full of folks who fall into the marketing demographic of the product line.

It is from these connections that The North Face continues to stay popular and in many instances, relevant. This is any other part of the advertising puzzle that I feel this emblem has excelled at. They keep being relevant by concentrated on promotional activities at the centre in their middle target audience. As an instance, The North Face has backed athletes – as I’ve already mentioned. What has truely benefitted the business enterprise from this corporate activity are the athletes they were associated with.

One notable backed athlete is Lizzy Hawker. She is proof of the way fulfillment can come to a product when the sponsorship is with a a success associate. Hawker has received the Ultra Trail Tour du Mont Blanc three times (2005, 2008 and 2010).


It is one element to sponsor an athlete or carrying occasion but pretty another whilst that athlete or occasion will become a winner. The logo focus that The North Face has received with their affiliation

with carrying sponsorships can genuinely be a teaching tool for other businesses and brands searching for a way to solidify an target market percentage. I’m now not criticizing right here, in truth, I’m clearly applauding the efforts that have truely paid big dividends on each aspects.

What all of this means is that it proves the point I became making at the start of this article – there are frequently lots extra exciting details in the back of a brand or brand than meets the attention. The North Face is a high instance of a couple of degrees of advertising that has no longer permit up. They retain to sponsor athletes and they continue to marketplace their high-quality logo of apparel and tenting equipment.

Somewhere alongside the way, fulfillment arrived and plenty of it may be credited to the hidden information in the back of that bold facet of the mountain each people ought to climb at one factor in our lives.

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